Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sick. Fever, bad sore throat, flu. 2 days MC and doctor ask to stay home and rest properly.

Tomorrow gonna have super monday blues despite i’m having mc later on~ I really can’t help everyone, i am not a saint~

I’m fat again~ my plan is to get rid 3kg of fats in me before i enlist 1 year which is on 140910, i just hope i can do it and pray i can do it~ went for a run just now despite feeling unwell, run and cough like mad at the same time.. tomorrow don’t even have time to exercise, hoping tuesday and thursday got soccer if not i gonna gym gym again~ and wednesday gym also! I start to love running because when i run, is the time i tend to think the less! Not like someone.. think so much when they are running~ especially thinking about those stupid things~! 😦

I don’t know why i’m worry for someone when i’m not in the position to worry so much, i just hope that i can stop feel so worried by little stuffs, maybe i don’t like people to just MIA away suddenly and makes me ponder where will they die to.. the feeling just feel so not good ttm u know ? I guess we won’t know unless we experience 1 day correct?

I’m not trying to feel emo again..

When u feels that u love yourself more then you love a person you usually think more for yourself then the other party.. and when you love someone more then you love yourself.. you usually gave everything for the other party and left nothing for you. My friend ask me..  Do you love her more then you love yourself ? If yes then let the person be what that person want, you can’t expect everything from them and initially because you are the party that loves her so you can’t expect everything you gave to her and she will give back to you.

So how.. I really don’t wish to think so much and worry so much for nothing.. i just wanna feel… secured! A little security…

Someone told me this today: If u love her, as long as she is happy, you can suppress all your unhappiness. But talk is easy.. when action.. is just real hard !!

PS: To the best girl i ever can have in my life, sorry to force you to read this post, because i wanna tell you that later your breakfast, lunch i have already planned so reserve it for me okies dokies~ And after work I have something for you… Hope you can have a good monday and a great week out there 🙂
I just wanna show people how much i love and adore you.. because you are just a sweetheart cake that i can’t bear to eat it up ! 🙂 🙂

Goodnight 🙂

9 more days….


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