Comparison & Humilation

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Uncategorized


Less then a week, I found out how bad i am, i guess bad was not the word to describe me, should be worst.
That’s what i am thinking about myself now.

Compared to others, i think i am only a tiny ant, like how a frog that stay in a well.

But comparison makes me feel unwell, especially when comparing with people who i don’t wish to be compared with,
but comparison makes a person wants to improve and excel from the rest.

Different thinking different mindset, but to me i feel that this 1 week everything said was against me, everything states the bad of me, there were no praises,
only negative stuffs about me, even though i tried to do my very best, i could only be the 2nd best or rather the 4th best because the front 3 will be like omg goodness better then me.

Tell me.. Even its a fact.. Am I that worst in everyone eyes?

Have anyone compare my good point against others rather then using others good point to compare towards me and makes me feel so useless?

And its really not good to drive when your mind are filled with so much thoughts, nearly got into an accident again and this time round its with a cab again! Tell me how unlucky i can be.
Lucky in the end nothing happen but pointing of middle finger towards each other is fun.

I guess maybe i need to think.. am i really that sucks? that lousy? that useless? Feedback feedback…


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