Jia You~

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Time check: 0251HRS

Made breakfast for BabyJ
1st time attempting to make an unusual style of breakfast and if its nice i think i can set up a food shop to sell this breakfast already! BabyJ will be my first guinea pig wahahaha~ Not much of confidence will it turn out nice but first time trying is a next step of succeeding 😀

Today i was so shocked, suddenly i got a fashion designer beside me, help me choose shirt, Bermudas, belt and shoe. And she told me the 4 things which is important for a guy but i forget what is the 4 things already 😦 😦  Think belt and wallet is 2 of them… And girlfriend bought me 1 AX belt today! Wasted.. should bring her go LV instead 😦

Just now when i was surfing the web.. i saw a place for a good getaway for the weekend and it looks so good and beautiful to enjoy there and of cause girlfriend will be the guinea pig again for me to ask haha!

So fast today is TGIF already~ babygirl have 2 test to go for~ jiayou jiayou babygirl! Remember i will always be by your side even when you dont need me 🙂

Time check: 0312HRS

Gonna wake up at 0645HRS to prepare breakfast for precious babyJ 🙂

My life filled with so much colour and brightness with you around me
And I just wanna say yet again
I love u baby
And you will always be my baby 🙂

i like it 🙂


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