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High High Into The Sky

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Give me a break ! 24/7 with ❤

Hope my surprise will be a success 🙂

A poem a day keep the quarrel away

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I’ve fallen in love with you and I’ll never let you go.
I love you more than anyone, I just had to let you know.
And if you ever wonder why, I don’t know what I’ll say,
but I’ll never stop loving you, each and every day

Yours Truly,

Friday is the day! Let me give u a good surprise on Saturday while you go shopping ok? I promise to give u a good one 🙂


Seduce, Seducible, Seduceable

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This perfume smell is super addictive, and i am super addicted to it.
I though Moonlight Sparkle carried me away…
But this just let me cannot be myself 😦


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After a week of leave.. finally its time to go back work again which i detest a lot about it.

Actually this week of leave i didnt do much or rest much because i was like 80% with her because she do her wisdom tooth extraction, so pain of her after the surgery because she only cry when i reached her bed, her eyes were so red and tears just kept flowing down her cheek.. it was so painful to see her in that state and she just kept crying non stop until she fall asleep.. Sometimes its really also painful to see your loves one crying like just what i said before that i saw her crying but i couldnt gave her my shoulder and still have to endure seeing her lying on another guy shoulder.. but this time she just cry in my arm so badly and crying in pain.. the feeling was really very different… really very different…
Everything goes well for her except the sudden knocked i do to her face a few days ago which made her cried again.. felt so guilty and sorry to her.. But lucky stitches were taken out and she feels fine now. Thanks angel & cupid for looking and taking care of my babyJ this week 😉

This week will be her last week of leave before she start her training, and i just planned another good getaway with her side before both of us gets busy with our life, just hope this weekend will be a good one for us because there will be lots of fun and laughter from us even though we are still in Singapore~ [Edit: We cant go out of singapore because she still haven collect her new passport!!!] .
It will be only BabyFat, BabyJoyce, Bubble, Bubbly, Bubblegum & Bubbleque~ Sweet loving!
And of cause not forgetting a sweet surprise for her! (Please anticipate for your surprisesssssssssss :P)

I feel that my dreams and hers is just always so alike, like the way of life we want, the house we wanna have next time, the car we wanna drive, the business we wanna do and of cause the life aspect of each other. Maybe all these targets in life makes us more into each other because we are able to dream and wanting to fulfill it together hand in hand.

I have not much words except praises for her only, she can really be a very ultimate good girlfriend, maybe i don’t have such a nice and good girl before but she is the one who i wanna get hold of it of my lifetime,
she is my BabyJ aka my wtb!

I just pray she will love me and love me and love me even much more because i was too afraid of losing such a great girl in my life. She is the girl i only want to live with for the rest of my life.
Quote it.

Ok being complained that my blog is like a plain waffle~

On a random night when we went holland V to get back the old memories when i 1st cooked for her 🙂

Her head rest and mine~ behind is this month FHM.. good!

At Zara where i help her find her OL suit~ Oh and she helped me choose a new pair of shoe but she didnt buy it for me lucky! 😀

Last but not least…

My GF, I love you like a fat kid love joyce! Remember it ya!

Morning After Dark

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Running during the hazy day is really a no no good! Cough with pain right now after a short run only.. just a short run makes me feel breathless and cough so uneasy 😦 . Super hate this haze !!!

On the other hand, these few weeks were busy with my stuffs and quite a lot of bad things happened which is no good for me and bad luck keep finding me but lucky i got a good girlfriend who is beside me supporting me, helping me and motivating me so much.. i just like it when she say she will leave me when i have no money and she wont marry me if i dont have money.. she just will motivates me because she knew that i will never stop working hard for her.

Studying, working and getting a stable income is a must for me after the torture, and starts to have a proper savings because i cant live without money.. who can live without money? Its not a matter of materialistic but its a practical matter in life.. it’s a fact that we cant stay without money, we can never be much more happy in our life if we have no money. And making more money out or some money is another way of generate more income for me so i just gotta work hard for her and for a better future for myself~!

So fast its getting to the end of the month, November will come soon and there she goes for her training in SQ and starts to pursuit her lifelong dream and before she starts her training i hope to have a little surprise for her 🙂
Why do i have to treat her so good? Because i love her and she is the one who shared the same dreams and goals with me 🙂

My dear BabyJ, thanks for being there for me everytime and you truly deserve my 101% of love towards u 🙂

“A Friend’s Love says:
” If you ever need anything,
I’ll be there.”
True Love says:
” You’ll never need anything;
I’ll be there.”

Thats Love

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Everyone should watch this.
I love U Chew Wan Ying.

Im so touched.


Its a beautiful day

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Yesterday wasn’t good, today was good, tomorrow will only get better and saturday will get even better 🙂

Me and gf already reserve every sunday evening after dinner to go for some chilled out and some drinks to voice out any problems we faced or we had during the week and the plans for the following week.
I guess this is a good way to communicate well between us because communication is a very important factor to lead to a good relationship, I agree.

Plans for tomorrow and Saturday were well planned, next week on leave to accompany girlfriend 🙂
Piranha & Child Eye both in 3D

Ok 230am and it’s time to sleep.

The quarrels of lovers are like summer storms. Everything is more beautiful when they have passed.
Love cannot only be found in the good times, but also when are able to stay strong after a storm

I adore you