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Guess life haven’t been easy after the break-up on 2007, sometime reading back all the foolish thing i wrote i said i done really will makes me smile a little bit.. It’s not about the past but it’s about how I knew this special girl in my life. I guess it would be a good long post for me tonight.

April 2007 – The month when i was single after 3 years and 7 months of relationship, and I thought loving another girl in my life was very impossible due to the past experience I had but never did I know that I would met this girl and i just fall in love with her…

Since January 2008 til Present and still loving her without thinking of ending the love.

Ok you might think maybe that was not love in the beginning, maybe some likeness towards her or whatever love term you all used, I just feel the first time I saw her and looked through here eyes, she was very different from any other girls who i looked into, it was just like i’m saying to myself yes that’s the girl who i really want and the girl in my life. But i never let her know how i feel towards her because i know letting her know would destroyed our friendship.

I fall for her, not for her beauty but it’s just some charisma from her that hooks me up so much until i could totally forgotten what my parents name was! And it was so true! I guess even up til today when she was holding my hand i will still feels shy! I seriously don’t know why.

To her maybe i was only an acquaintance to her because i was never the guy who she was interested in.. never in her life will she get attracted to a guy like me so we just remained as friend.

April 19 2008 was the first time i gave flower to her, not 12 roses but just a simple stalk of sunflower and the first time i saw her club with her thick make-up face… And she just attracts me so so much….

And so we became from acquaintance to friends, eventually to good friends i suppose.. but good thing dont last long yeah?

I just quietly secretly love her and when i knew she was about to get attached i knew that was the time i need to leave her.. so i didn’t hesitate to leave her although its quite a painful task for me but i told myself she won’t love me and she wouldn’t take another look at me because she were never to be interested in me.

And i just prayed her relationship wont last…
And so good it really didn’t last and eventually she feels so sad like as if is the end of the world for her because she loved the guy so much much much..

And i on the other hand was feeling happy because i thought i got a chance again! So we start to contact again and maybe she could feel that i am carrying a torch for her already.. we hang out more and more often until this guy came in…..

Of cause me such a lousy guy couldn’t compare a single leg hair to all her suitors.. and once again i was told and reminded that she will get attached soon…
So the same thing i did.. leave her šŸ™‚
And disappeared in her life for near a year because this time her relationship was so fairytale.

Tried giving up.. tried loving someone else.. but i just can’t do it and so i just wait….

Another sad news came upon me..
Someone told me they were very loving and the guy was so good to her that they will get MARRIED sooner or later
That point i was really devastated, i thought really is end day for me and my love for her already so that makes me stop contacting her more.. until 1 night she msg me..

Upon seeing the msg.. the next thing i do was to throw away everything that i was doing and just dash to the backroom to give her a call…
The first time i heard her cry.. it was so so sad because it’s really painful to see someone you love crying to you yet you can do anything…
i just try to console her and after putting down the phone.. my heart felt so heavy….

Few weeks later.. she was SINGLE again~ but it was told by another source that her single would be temporary only because eventually she will be back with that guy… so ok i felt sad but i felt more contented because when she was single every guy has a chance.

This time round we were even more closer then before.. maybe due to that we known each other for so long.. and i guess she already knew i love her even though i doesn’t need to sprout a word out..
The time was already 05 December 2009… and i guess it was just after she broke off.. i delivered flower to her office just to make her smile, and it was the first time i ordered flowers online and delivered to her.
And after my 22nd birthday i told myself, CZH go for it.. give it a last shot, a last lap and a last round for her…

I started to show my love towards her, maybe that time she will feel awkward because out of a sudden just after a sad broke up a guy go after her haha!
2010 V.day i bought another sunflower for her, and a necklace. We were happy with each other company during those times although in my heart i know that she still feels for her ex-bf.
I don’t deny i will feel sad whenever we were going out, her phone rang and it was her ex bf and i just feel so annoyed about it

March 2010: The 2nd time i saw her cry so painfully because my wifey princess left us.. i saw her crying so sad and yet i can’t do anything because she was crying on some other guy shoulder.. i dare not walk up to speak so much to her because her ex were there too.. and i was thinking how i wished i was the guy who gave her my shoulder to cry on.. i feel sad because princess left us.. i love princess alot not because joyce was the owner but in deep its because she is the first dog i played so happily with, and until today i still miss princess like how i piggyback her and played with her, no other dog can give me back the feeling i had with my cutie little wifey princess šŸ™‚

Then her vacation with her darling… i so wanna volunteer be send and fetch her to the airport and fetch her back but unfortunately i was not the guy, then i started trying to leave her because i saw her and her ex was going so closely again so i thought it’s time for me to leave yet again.. a vacation for me was good because during the 5 days i need not think anything about love and trying to let myself go from her for this last lap.

June came along as may past so fast, i started to confess my love to her but as usual she gave me all these replies:
“im not yet to settle down”
“I still wanna play”
“I have not seen the world enough”
“I wanna enjoy single-hood now”
And we quarreled and thus she gave me a “2 years plan” which means if i can wait for her for 2 years and if she is still single by then she will resign to fate and be with me and she still ask herself.. 2 years later where will i be…
And i like it when she told me: You are the benchmark of the guy i am looking for, so i can only be the benchmark.

June 25 2010: 3rd time i heard her cry, this time i know it’s really over for her and her ex.. i was so excited because i know they were totally impossible but god damm it who knows suddenly there were 5 guys who are going after her including me!!! And i was only the 2 points in her eyes šŸ˜¦ . She just enjoyed her single-hood so much then….

22 July, i nearly gave up on her because 22 July 2010 was the first time i drop my tears for her.. i thought it was really over and when i was determined to end it.. i felt her love for me..
She started to feel a little bit for me maybe a tiny weeny bits~
She got lots of good guys around her but she start rejecting them because she don’t wan me to get upset and yes we did quarrel because i was jealous she was dating with other guy, that was the point where i truly know where she stands in my heart.

09 August 2010 I got rejected yet again~ She said try harder next month… but still we remain good and her darling still tells me i stand a good chance which i don’t believe myself because i couldn’t even afford to bring her to FORLINO for dinner !

Basically after 09 August 2010 we quarrel every week until 11 September 2010. Once a week sure quarrel regardless rain or shine and maybe that was a test for both of us and we did manage to pass it through !

09 September 2010, i planned a good surprise for her, i was planning to propose on that day to her but something pulled me back and stop me from doing it but surprise still goes on
11 September 2010, we had a super big quarrel, and maybe because of this quarrel, we finally know how important both of us were in out life.

120910 we met and we talk over it, i thought she would choose A but to my surprise she choose B because she thinks B is more important to her. Without any hesitation, i went to Goldheart to get a ring, just a small tiny ring to give her when she was visiting her grandma.

At night we went here

I hug her and place another arm of mine onto her shoulder,take out the ring from my pocket and said “Will you be mine?
But she wants me to knee down in front of her and let the crowd and strangers be our witness
I hesitate at first because i was really shy but thinking that 5 secs of shy in exchange for a lifetime of happiness…
I follow my heart and i knee down in front of her.. putting the ring onto her hand and said
Will you be my valentine

And of cause she said nod her head and she said yes
on 120910 @ 2315HRS šŸ™‚

Its was just a small tiny lousy diamond ring but the heart and thoughts from my heart touches her heart not the ring šŸ™‚

So many people gave us their blessings through
and Face To Face

And of cause both of us felt so blessed by all the wishes as though we were getting married! But nevertheless we like it and appreciated it very much šŸ™‚

Dear BabyJoyce, I BabyFat hereby wants to solemnly sincerely tells you this, I will always be…
– A pair of listening ears to be there for you to hear your rants and complains
– A shoulder to lie on when you are tired
– A hand for you to hold on and keep you warmth and comfort
– A nose that can smell/sense your wants and needs
– A lip that will melt you with the kisses
– A pair of eyes to take care of you
– A pair of legs to walk with you through thick and thin
– A heart that loves you one and only girl ā¤

Now we are together, our life are fills with planning and expectation which will let us to look so much forward to it ain’t we?
5 years later when u are 27 and i 28…
How happy will our life gonna be…
Holding your hand walking down the road……….

Baby here is a dedication lyrics for you šŸ˜‰

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are

YES u are amazing just the way you are.

Baby i hope you like this post from me to you.. not a big expensive surprise but every words i type came from my heart and i hope you like this surprise!

100 things I Love about You ā¤ !

Baby, my love for you will never get die unless I died.
my love for you will never have an -ed .

I love you šŸ™‚

  1. Wtb says:

    I LOVE U !!!! =))

  2. joyful says:

    so sweet n i like tt part I JUST PRAYED HER RELATIONSHIP WONT LAST. hahaha wth! u damn mean!

  3. Wtb says:

    htb, i love u..

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