Posted: October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

101010, my perfect 10 gf!
There are no 10 reasons why i love her
Because she deserve 100 reasons!
Infinite Reasons!

Putting aside this,
I guess going to school again is going to fulfill already after a short chat with my gf
as she and me thinks that having a degree is really important in life aspect
So SMA here i come 😦

Both of us can socialize so well because i guess we shared the same thinking and aspect in life, that makes us having more things to talk in life.
Just got together for not a month but yet i will feel that we were together for a long time and yet both of us still cant accept the fact that we were together as one now haha!
Thats so us the funny couple i name us!

She bought me a new belt, new Bermudas both from AX and 1 shirt and 1 top from GAP and surprisingly i am wearing M top from GAP! Not even a L haha! I guess she knew that all my clothes are very expensive wan that’s why she still pamper me with branded designer clothes haha! Save my money from buying~ Although i did pamper her with a moonlight sparkle perfume πŸ™‚

Ok she is so so so looking forward to November because she will end her sadair and start her training for the next 4 months and we really look forward to our life and what will we expect for the next few months, at least towards 120911 when we reach our 1st milestone. Sometimes although i worry we won’t reach that stage but she always never fail to ensure me and give me the security which i don’t get last time. Insecurity is what i got from my past, trust is what my past didn’t gave me and because of this 2 matters i will never be happy in a relationship that’s why lucky she let me feel secured and trust in her πŸ™‚

Everyday seeing her was so happy for me, its just like i will never get sick of seeing her and i only get sick when i was about to part with her and you may say it’s still the honeymoon but i’m sure this honeymoon will sure to last until the day she dump me because just like what her mother says, you will cherish something when it’s not easy to get it. Plus i waited her for so long.. seeing her more and longer its a payback for me !

I guess i am loving her more and more each day, love so much until i worry if 1 day she were to dump me how am i going to live my life…
And because she motivates me so much and so well, i do everything so happily and even though it’s hard for me but when i see the smile in her face i will feel contented
That’s love, true love.

GF! 16kg i have shed for u πŸ™‚
U should know more shedding to come, a few months more i can shed more wan don’t worry!
Starring at this picture.. i feel we have couple looks!
You see.. our face dont look same, our eye dont look equal, our nose dont look pairing, our mouth dont look compatible!
When all those dont pair together, we call it ❀ !

Appreciate having you in my life, and i would rather have you and go against the world then having the world but without you by my side πŸ™‚





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