Posted: October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s been so strange today because when the clock strike 6 i was not at loyang avenue,
It seems that the last time i didn’t pick her up after her work was a very long long time ago you agree with me babyJ?
Suddenly i feel very strange that i was not at satair fetching her! Just a very strange feeling maybe because i am doing it everyday and 1 day i am not doing it i feel very awkward haha!

But im seeing gf later ! I donno why i just loves to see her so much and so sad to part with her every night, guess its because i waited her too long already now need to compensate the time she owe me last time when i am waiting for her.. Today we whatsapp and H2H alot and talk alot of rubbish but i like it because no matter what i talk to her and say to her its sweet to me because she was the girl i am talking to.

Though the time for us to see each other will slowly decrease and decrease but in my heart i know how much she loves me and she said she will love me even more this shows how good she is..
And because of her i will strive hard in my study in SMa and get a degree to take picture with her in kebaya and me in my uni graduate suit! Im so looking forward to that day…

Dear god, please faster approve and extend my babyjoyce passport because i really hope to bring her to the paradise which i am planning hard, you know when i plan i dont like the plan to fail.. please bless her to get her passport within next week thank you very much!!!

You are my best girlfriend, my best friend, my best companion and my best soulmate
No matter where you go where you run to, i will forever chase you with the piece of my heart 😉

PS: There is only Bubbly! 😀


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