Thank God I Found You

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I will give you everything
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do
To ensure your happiness
I’ll cherish every part of you
‘Cause without you beside me I can’t survive
Don’t wanna try
If you keeping me warm each and every night
I’ll be allright
‘Cause I need you in my life

Thank God I found you
I was lost without you
My every wish and every dream
Somehow became reality
When you brought the sunlight
Completed my whole life
I’m overwhelmed with graditude
‘Cause baby I’m so thankful I found you
And I’m so thankful I found you.

Thank God I found You.

In life we really need to know how to balance our life, be it balance out diet, balance our work or balance our love life.
A man who cant balance his life, destroy his life. I guess this applies to Women out there too.

Today was real damm bad for me, i waited the whole day to see her, but to my surprise it turns otherwise.
But its past already, maybe to her, her work is much far more important then me.

Just hope she will like the little gift i get for her and its just arrived today from hong kong.

Sometimes words is easy action is hard, saying is easy because everyone can say, but to do and say its another difficult task for anyone who only how to say i love u everyday.

I dont wanna suffer the same fate like how i experience in the past.
I just wanna hold your hand and walk through your life.

Its easy but its seems so hard and stressful to hang on.

Im worry i might just breakdown 1 day. Im also a human being.

  1. Wtb says:

    i thank god for letting me have u as my bf..

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