Dog is human best friend~!

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Poor wawa got an infection on her armpit and thighs, after visiting the vet it was fungus attack after she bite and scratch her wounds.
It was quite pretty sad for her because she needs to wear an e-collar again for the next at least 3 weeks, can see that she really dislike wearing it because the moment she sees e-collar she cried.
Went to get her a puppy cut yesterday and not bad she still look pretty cute and like a snowball even without her long long fur~ Guess this current short fur style will be accompanying her for the next few months~~~

We always said dog is a man best friend, i’m a dog lover but coco was my only first dog. Although she is ugly, black, stupid, blur blur~ But she indeed brings alot of fun, laughter, enjoyment and happiness to my family.
She can be hungry 24/7 and eat more then wat i eat per day but when u see the way she come to you and lick you, kiss you and play with you, it was just such a fun. I’m so happy and contented that i have coco in my life and although she is an ugly dog, she will always be my best ugly dog for the time to come~

I woke up today and clean her tray, changed her newspaper and open her kibbles and mix some foodies for her, arrange her bed and place her toy properly (But she messed up again in less then a minute time!!!)
It was just such an enjoyment when the alarm rang and it’s not the alarm clock that wakes me up but its coco who is beside me waking me up, the way she welcome me or my parents or even joyce when she came my house, i always believe that every dog is very smart in its own way.

I dream about me and my late wifey last night, the dream was like so happy i guess until i drip my saliva on my pillow~! Maybe last night i saw some of her pictures and think of her suddenly, because its like although i know her for like 3 years but the time i played with her was like so short because due to some unforeseen circumstances i was not able to visit her and play with her sometimes. I dream that there was only me and her without leash and both of us walking down the park happily and she bark with smile to me.. and she licks me and i belly rub rub her~ Then i forget already~ But nevertheless sometimes having this type of good sweet nice dream is always better then having those bad nightmares 🙂

I hope wawa the naughty active dog can recover well soon so i can bring her and coco go out walk walk 🙂
I hope coco the ugly stupid dog can stop eating so much and become as fat as me 🙂
I hope my pretty cute late wifey princess is having a good time with her fur friends and i still remember the promise i gave to her which is to bring her out for a walk after she recovered and although there will be no chance for me to do it but deep down inside my heart, i will always remember that i owe my wifey princess a date with me, me and the one and only me.

Because i just love princess chew so much…….
And of cause not forgetting wawa, coco, and all the dogs i played with.
I love u all!

PS: Dogs will always be a man best friend, remember this and you will have a good times with your dog 🙂


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