Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

A little bit of update

Getting medical report was always scary, just like how i went to get mine today. Since i got no one to confide to, so i came to my blog to jot it down.

Went for a sleep test recently and today i was told to go back and get the report and analysis from the doctor, it seems that from what he told me, i got severe sleeping problem.

1) Although i slept for 7 1/2 hours during the test, but i was only able to sleep with my brain rest for 3 hours. So awesome rite?

2) For the deep 3 hours where my brain rest and totally sleeping, my heart stop beating for 33 times per hour, and the longest time i stop breathing was 28.4 seconds without breathing

3) Test shown that there were something choking my windpipe that stop the oxygen from flowing in and out that stop my breathing

4) I snore about 2422 times when i sleep because i cant breath through my nose.

5) Because i only slept less then 3 hours a day, i can’t focus well in the day and gets tired easily and stressed out easily.

After hearing what the doctor says, I totally have no mood to do anything.

School fee was another head pain issue for me, but who to confide to when everyone are giving me all their problems only?


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