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Merry Merry Xmasssssssssssss

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

A small easy mini celebration with my babyJ at night 🙂

Had the best ever birthday party celebration last week planned by her and this week had a nicely wrapped up simple yet meaningful gift again from her.. just loves her to the bits although both of us were feeling tired !

I gave her the Love Chloe perfume and she gave me a Ralph Lauren perfume box 🙂

Inside is all the good stuffs! 🙂

all the sweets and chocolates she gave me~ and its all her favorite too!

all the sweet notes and 1 ultimate love letter for me 🙂

She said i am the sweetest and bf she ever get.. lucky she never say she ever got 🙂 🙂 🙂

mushy mushy but i likey likey~!

A new book for me to read… i like the title and of cause i hope we can be like what the title says to us 🙂

And lastly my 2nd surprise xmas pressie from my BabyJ, totally ❤ ❤ ❤ .

After gift exchange we went to have macdonald as our christmas dinner hehe!
Then after that a movie and cuddle to sleep til the sun rise in the morning 🙂

Hope we can enjoy more time together and cherish and treasure each other company before you start flying off… 😦

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”


Gem Of My Life

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

She is the gem of my life…

And now I’m blogging beside her while she was sleeping like a dead pig.. Guess she was just too tired from her training..
Baby.. It’s just 40 days to the end of your training.. minus weekends and public holiday it’s just 26 days more only.. I believe u can endure through it all.. I will be so happy and proud of u when I go for your graduation ceremony next year 🙂

Side note,
I need to thank everyone who wishes me a happy birthday to me 🙂
Not forgetting the people who planned and came over to my birthday party last week…

Baby Joyce, Agnes, Eslyn, Kaylene, Vernette, Jia Ying, Ruties, My Mother, Koh Chee Wee, Michael Chia Feng Yuan, Tan Beng Wee, Adrian Chew Bang Bang…

And too bad that My Father, Ben, Wan Xin was not able to join in the fun and party…

Nevertheless I wanna thank everyone for making it the best and happiest birthday in my 23 years of life..

Will do a proper updates with lots and lots of picture next week when I’m more free 🙂

Happy Merry Christmas to everybody and hope you all can enjoy this particular day with all your love ones,
I have prepare my gem’s xmas gift already.. Definitely is something she will like it because if i still donno what she likes.. how am i able to say im her boyfriend? 😀

Im so gonna hop into the bed and hug her tight to have a good sleep now 🙂

“I love you not because I need you, But I need you because I love you.”

I am…

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

a bad and stupid useless guy.

Never Ever..

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“love is not easy to come by, so keep trying and don’t give up”
“love needs to be managed, and not ran by emotions”

2 very good and nice quote given to me by baobao, thanks baobao to emo with me although you have a lot of problems too..
I wish you to have a happy ending with your boyfriend, you road to be with your boyfriend was never easy too and i admire how you guys work things out and im sure that no matter what happens you and your boyfriend can hold on to each other and just like what you told me, both of you don’t give up and managed i can guarantee the 2 of you to have a good happy life ahead of you. And just go ahead with your dream job, i know you can pass the interview just always remember you just have to manage your time properly and balance your life of work, family, friends and family.. I knew you could do all that because you have grown up and grow more pimples..
I wish that you can still be able to be with your best boyfriend and got your dream job as well.. a blessing from me to you.. your road were never easy too but i believe in u and your boyfriend. Thank you baobao. 🙂


It’s so true, it always the one who mean the most to us are always the one we hurt the most.. just like how much i hurt you which i never intend to..
But what done cannot be undone.. And i’m still feeling as suck as ever in my heart…





I feel so hard to trying to adapt to a life without you once again…



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Tears always taste bitter…
But if there is no bitter, there will never have sweetness in life.


Even when the world falls apart….

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1 more week to my birthday 🙂

1 random night, after baby went to do her hair… we went to have the best pork chop at prive…
Damm I swear it’s the best black pork chop in singapore.
Super tender & juicy meat 🙂

Finally it’s a long off and break days for me..
Say no to NS from 141210-221210 at least 🙂 🙂 🙂
I can freely go and do my Uni stuffs, have some break and rest and please i need a good damm rest.
And time for my coco to go for her regular grooming.. guess this time i wanna cut off her leg fur and maybe a cute puppy cut just like how wawa look like!
Although my super sweet girlfriend will be so busy when i am having my good break, i will want to have more quality time with her…

Today didn’t get to meet her.. feel so empty..
She filled up my life with joy and happiness despite argument was unavoidable.

On a particular night… I kissed her ducky lips~! 😀

Hello Stranger!

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A love story about two strangers who know nothing about each other and fall in love.

He is a football fanatic, video game nerd, social butterfly, comic lover, tired of love stories and a cynic of love while she is Korean soap opera fan, beef lover, devout radio station listener, avid book reader, and homebody.

Together, they are perfect strangers who will travel, eat, share a room, and talk about anything and everything including each others top secrets.

Guess this will be the movie we gonna watch during the weekends! Missed Rapunzel already so cannot miss this movie!
Shall we go for a movie session at the new NEX shopping mall and some shopping over there on saturday?
Oh and i just found out that NEX mall have a K9 park and we can bring our doggy there for gai gai, cool rite? 😀


Baby can promise to watch this 3D movie with me??? It’s R21 !!! Me like~!

Ok my leg is damm pain right now.. cant even walk properly..

And im so craving for this now…

Best combination but i have to say NO to it ! 😦

Ok lastly, i love you joyce chew because at the end of the day you are the only one who can make me smile and feel loved like nobody had love me before 🙂