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Gem Of My Life

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

She is the gem of my life…

And now I’m blogging beside her while she was sleeping like a dead pig.. Guess she was just too tired from her training..
Baby.. It’s just 40 days to the end of your training.. minus weekends and public holiday it’s just 26 days more only.. I believe u can endure through it all.. I will be so happy and proud of u when I go for your graduation ceremony next year 🙂

Side note,
I need to thank everyone who wishes me a happy birthday to me 🙂
Not forgetting the people who planned and came over to my birthday party last week…

Baby Joyce, Agnes, Eslyn, Kaylene, Vernette, Jia Ying, Ruties, My Mother, Koh Chee Wee, Michael Chia Feng Yuan, Tan Beng Wee, Adrian Chew Bang Bang…

And too bad that My Father, Ben, Wan Xin was not able to join in the fun and party…

Nevertheless I wanna thank everyone for making it the best and happiest birthday in my 23 years of life..

Will do a proper updates with lots and lots of picture next week when I’m more free 🙂

Happy Merry Christmas to everybody and hope you all can enjoy this particular day with all your love ones,
I have prepare my gem’s xmas gift already.. Definitely is something she will like it because if i still donno what she likes.. how am i able to say im her boyfriend? 😀

Im so gonna hop into the bed and hug her tight to have a good sleep now 🙂

“I love you not because I need you, But I need you because I love you.”