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‘flying the friendly skies’

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The Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) defines sexual harassment in the workplace as sexual conduct that is unwanted, unwelcome or unsolicited. It is also classified as receiving unwanted attention, being propositioned, groped, subjected to offensive remarks about personal appearance, shown sexually explicit material, being threatened, blackmailed or subjected to attempted non-consensual sexual acts.

Here are some steps you can take if you are a victim:

Tell the offender their attention is unwanted:
Set clear, verbal boundaries. Ignoring the behavior actually encourages it to continue. Don’t expect the person to read your mind to learn how you feel about what they are doing. The only way they will know the attention is unwanted is if you tell them it is unwanted.

Be firm and direct:
Stand your ground and stick to your own agenda. Don’t respond to the harasser’s excuses or diversionary tactics. Harassers will often try to draw you into a dialogue or argument about why you should submit to their demands. Refuse to discuss the issue with them as this can become a power game in itself. Also, do not allow yourself to be manipulated by others into backing down.

Document the harassment:
Keep a log of what is happening, particularly if the perpetrator is a superior. Document each incident, including dates, times, names of witnesses, etc. Save e-mails to a disc and keep it at home. Do not throw away any mail or e-mail that is related to the harassment, even if the mail is anonymous. Find witnesses to what transpired, or arrange to have witnesses when you are in the presence of the person who is bothering or harassing you.

Be smart about it:
Have all your ducks in a row before you make a formal complaint. Be sure you have witnesses or documented proof that the harassment occurred. Harassers will often lie, saying it never happened, and it becomes a “She said, he said” situation. If you plan to make a formal complaint, it is best if you can show them you tried to deal with the situation yourself, first, and in a constructive manner.

If the problem is serious enough to make a formal complaint over, then it is serious enough to communicate about to the offender first. Plus, doing this makes it harder for anyone to say you are just a trouble-maker, which is the common response of a company when they are faced with harassment complaints.

Excerpt taken from

I want to go and buy this fantastic book title: Madness Aboard! Welcome to Plane Insanity !
Some of the examples point written in the book 😀

“Let’s say a man and a woman go out drinking, get drunk and return to the man’s room. The next day, the woman cries rape. But the man could always turn around and say she was leading him on. What happens then? That’s why a lot of cases go unreported,” he says.

It used to be that your senior would force you to smoke, drink and even sleep with them. If you didn’t comply, they would make your life hell,” she says. “I found it really difficult to hold on to myself during the first few years of work. I had to do double the amount of work simply because I didn’t want to join in.”

“It’s as if normal rules don’t apply when you’re 40,000ft (12,192m) in the air,” she says. “This problem is further exacerbated during the layover period, when you’re in a foreign land with co-workers who are virtual strangers. There was a lot of hard partying going on.”

“She told me she felt dirty every time she put on her uniform so she quit her job,”

“A colleague of mine was terrified because the head steward wouldn’t stop knocking on her hotel door in the middle of the night. When she didn’t respond, he taunted her in front of everyone the next morning. It got so bad that she cried every single day.”

“It’s still normal for a male captain or steward to refer to a stewardess as a ‘crew meal’, meaning that she’s an easy lay,” says Teo. “That’s the first thing they look out for in a flight — a stewardess that they can makan (“eat”) and pass on to their colleagues. They think it’s funny.”

“The supervisor who raped my friend is still working, even though he has amassed a string of cases over the years,” reveals Teo. “He even got promoted recently.


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The Power Of Love

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“All thanks to u.. I hope that u will still b by my side even five ,ten, twenty forty years later… I want u not only b my best friend,boyfriend,soulmate.. You are gonna b my travel companion in time to come..”
“I will never forget u or let u down when I’m flying high up.”
“I just wana say that he’s the best gift I ever have.
He’s my gem.”

Everything must quote first.. from my dearest chio bu girlfriend blog.. If any of these ever mention did not fulfill then i shall sue her!!! Sue her for breaking my heart 🙂

We’re heading for something
Somewhere I’ve never been
Sometimes I am frightened
But I’m ready to learn
Of the power of love

For you I’m willing to learn and learn to be more and more better and try to be even better then the present me..
i wanna have a breakthrough in out relationship, i dont wanna live in fear with you anymore…

Let’s hold our hand and walk down the path of life together without letting go each other hand easily..

I think u can see how tight i am holding to her by seeing those veins in my hand wahahaha!
Just love her so much..

sidetrack abit.. my poor bff bbww asked me to read her blog just now.. i just feel so unfair for her.. she don’t deserve all these from the guy..
bbww.. im on your side this time and hopefully u hear my advice.. it will only be good for u.. hope u will feel better tomorrow…


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I have never feel so disappointed in life before…

and i knew.. there will never be another disappointment if everything ends..

“When you have loved unconditionally one man and lost that love, it leaves a wound that never heals, a sad and broken heart, a void forever.”

Over Cloud 9 ?

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A love letter given to me this morning before she flew~

And was so delighted just to able to whatsapp with her until she went to bed..

And i guess joyce chew AGREED that we can ROM
and she want me this stupid ugly fatty to be her last already~

how can i not to be in cloud 9~~~~

Joyce Chew my fiancée

So happy for awhile and its time to go back for studying to prepare for tomorrow exam.

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Its doomed and i think it’s the end for me…

Money money money…

how shall i once again to earn you back into my life?

And my dear girlfriend is going to fly off later and will only be back on thursday..

Seems like i still cant adapt into a life without her by my side..

i guess.. i really love her alot and love her so much..

i love u joyce chewwww!


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We always thought that the person who have in our life will be the perfect or the near perfect person for us for vice-versa but when something happens, our thinking and perception will change.
Like people always says, Trust and Faith are the most important ingredient in love but in order to have trust, both in the parties have to be honest and truthful towards each other, but when one party starts to lie.. the love will sooner or later be gone..

Today i read a story in a forum posted by a guy… this is briefing what he post in the forum which i think is very true…
“I was with this girl for a long time, and we were perfectly fine towards each other until 1 day i smell something fishy going between she and another guy so i decided to check out on her.. and really 1 fine day i overlooked her phone and sees she was exchanging msg with another guy, then I confront her after that but she denies and said she only exchange msg with her girlfriend and no other people until I pin point out the evidence and timing then she admits everything out and told me she was lying to me and she told me she and that guy were nothing… but i donno why if there was nothing on why would she lie to me. Please advice thanks!”

After i read i was thinking ya its true why should his gf lie to him if there was nothing between that guy and his girlfriend and why the girlfriend must hide from him? Why couple must hide things from each other and cant be honest with each other and more worse case that is to lie to the other party. I always find it that its so amuse that if you have the intention of starting a lie then you should know that it will only take another 10 lies to cover that 1 lie, then another 100 lies to cover for the 10 lies and more obviously we should know the consequence of knowing the truth that someone tell a lie. And the poor guy now donno how to have trust in his girlfriend anymore and he seems to be so depress.. poor guy :(( . Read about his story i also feel emo…

When they say 纸是包不住火的 it really got its meaning..

Thats why i advise people, always be true to the person who u say i love u because if you are even going to lie to someone who u say i love u everyday, then u are not a good lover anymore and there will be a loophole in the relationship ever again.. trust and faith don’t build overnight, it needs to slowly accumulate and form it into a very huge energy for it to stay and maintain in a relationship.

I personally also encounter this type of incident before… where the truth were hide and lies were told but eventually i found out everything… yes it feels hurt and quite torturing and it was really very sad for me to get back to my feet again… thats why a lie could kill a person heart and a lie will always be a lie.. there are no white lies or lies.. lies are lies..
Once bitten, twice shy.. twice bitten i think i can really go and die..

To be in a relationship u have to have trust, but in order to have trust both must be honest, trust towards each other was so hard to build so honesty is a very important ingredient in love.

Ok back to myself, my dear pretty girlfriend begins her training flight yesterday and soon she will start flying around the whole world for the at least next 2 years.. i really hope that she will know how to take care of herself and even though she starts flying she will not forget me this fatty boyfriend of hers and most importantly be honest of what she do and be true to me! Even though she hides her tweet from me and i don’t know what she badmouth me in her tweet or praising another guy handsome or what but i still hope she can be truthful enough so that i wont be like the guy who post that sad story in the forum…

She called me just now from Shanghai and i just feel so great to be able to hear her voice.. even though she sounds very tired and in fact she was real damm tired.. she’s going to fly back tomorrow and im gonna see her tomorrow and i guess my mother will be boiling some tonic soup for her to refresh her body.. and i guess i would be the delivery boy to deliver food for her to eat already.. blogging about her also makes me think and miss her so much.. donno why i just love her so much!!

To my dear girlfriend and wife to be soon.. i just notice something.. the last time we took a photo together was like on my birthday? or u still owe me alot of pictures?
I wanna take 1 photo with u in kebaya~!!!

So hope this day faster arrive~!!! 😀

And before i end this post…

Happy 1 year old birthday to the ‘si char bor’ chao wawa chew~
1 year old liao dont be so naughty already always disturb me and your jiejie sleep at night~ scratching the doors and always trying jumping to the bed but failed~

love u this naughty smelly girl many many and please just let us sleep for peace for 2 nights per week ok thank u!






Movies Time!

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Must watch movies !

8 more bloody months to go~!!!!!!!!!