A Lil..

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Friday starting my first pre-requisite course module, back to school again since I graduated 2 years ago.. so not used to the studying + army life because this will be the first time not full time studying.. hope life will be not that stress~

Anyway.. she’s gonna start flying, schedule for February is out,

03-06 Feb: LHR
09 Feb: MNL
13 Feb: BKK =)
15-22 Feb: ICN-SFO
26-27 Feb:SSS1 =(

14 days out of 28 days not in Singapore~ 4 days of after flight fatigue rest~ Guess have to start adapting to this kind of life already…..

Start spring cleaning at home already, wanted to shift away all old tables and things that don’t want already and buy a new good stable study table for me to study!

What do we call people who keeps winning and winning all day long????

“Money-minded is good, but when too much of it will become materialistic”

The very first day of the year I got my recognition as her best boyfriend. Loves it and will continue to perform my duties as your best boyfriend!


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