Day 2

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Day 2…
She already departed from ICN and on her way to SFO for a 10hours and 30mins flight… and the time there is -8GMT so is = slower then Singapore timing of 16hours..
So now is 1650HRS here but there is 0050HRS~

Last night text with her a few sms before she went out eating and shopping with them and talk a few while with her before she went to bath and sleep, her voice was always so sweet to the max and just makes me think of her more and more before i went to sleep…

just hope to be able to webcam and chat with her tomorrow morning before i go camp because 6am will be her 1pm over there and hopefully she will be free to chat with me awhile because i will only be back home on friday evening which will be her midnight already and by then she will be sleeping after shopping with her colleagues over there..

then can only wait until the day when she is back… which is still 6 more bloody nights… really dont like it.

I feel that this website is very good because i can see live timing of showing her flight status and when it departs from the runway and what time it will reach the destination and how long is the flight and this website is really damm useful for me to check the flight she was taking. 🙂

hope i will have the chance to blog for day 3 tomorrow if not i gonna blog it on friday already..

me and si char bor wawa so miss u~~~~

Day 2 letter was so sweet.. and hopefully it will come true and anxiously waiting for her to come back and show people the present i do for her!

PS: Baby u forget to glue the Day 2 letter leh… 😀

and today is my mother birthday,

happy 50th birthday to my mother 🙂

“God, will you let her know that I love her so when there’s no one there, that she’s not alone? Just close her eyes and let her know my heart is beating with hers.”


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