Day 3

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Its day 3 and i can see her flight touching down at SFO already..
its about 11am there and its 3am here in singapore.. thats how much the time difference we will be experiencing for the next 2 days..

last night bring mother out for dinner and bought a cake for her and coco was the first 1 to eat the cake.. such a scary dog..
and the stupid dog knows how to play the playground already so smart.. today bring her go down to play the playground slide for 3 times!
i also miss that wawa donno how is she when never sees me.. think she also love me alot already because everytime i change her pee and belly rub rub her…

before baby left for her 7 days flight, she told me to plan a small getaway before her birthday because that’s when she will be on leave and she will pays for all expenses if her pay allows..
haven really go do any research because i feel so bad if she is the one who is going to pay for everything and sponsor everything while i do nothing 😦

and when she come back i make sure i will drag her for a movie marathon after she gets her enough rest and sleep!

must watch before it stop showing!

this is a must watch for this year v day~

i die also wanna drag her to watch this with me.. the reviews are so awesome to the max!!!

Baby, when u read my blog.. please agree to my invitation to watch these 3 movies ok? we can watch during weekdays $6 cheap cheap only!

I miss u so much… so hope to see your sms right now.. but i guess u still have lots of things to do and you are sure very tired…
and btw.. you didnt glue day 2 to day 7  letter leh i just found out 😀

day 3 letter was so sweet as usual.. but i am doing duty tonight so no soccer but pig legs are still as usual giving me pain every morning when i woke up.. think u touch my knee every morning when i woke so u should know more then anyone else 🙂

tonight wont be back and only will be back on friday evening and so eagerly wants to open the day 4 letter…

but nothing is more then hoping to have a webcam session with me because i just want and hope to see u so so much right now.

“I know it’s hard for us to be together, but I do understand it’s harder to live without one another. Just want to let you know that even though we cannot be together, we will never ever be apart because the love that I have for you will always grow stronger, as long as I live.”



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