Day 4

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Finally after a day of duty and work.. finally im home
and  as usual cant sleep last night and watch valentine day on my ipod, donno why i just like to watch this movie again and again because its just so nice to watch while doing duty..
will make u miss your loves one when you are not beside her.

And 1 quote by the actor was this….

“if you ever are with a girl… that’s too good for you…. marry her.”

so nice.. if she is too good.. marry her.. but in the end he didnt get to marry that girl of his.

Thats why u are the one who i want to marry with.

At least day 4 already marks halfway the journey back to my arms.. just 2 more flight and 2 nights of kimchi soup and you will touch down soon…
just hope time will pass faster and faster..

she even wrote wrong date on day 4 because she thought it will be 18 then she cancel and wrote 19 but in fact day 4 is still 18 wahahaha~
see how cute she is… thats why i always scold her for being so blur cock, and the more i tease her and say stupid things to her i feel i love her more and more and more

really is love until the no ultimate end already..

i miss you too.. that stupid 😦 face really represent my face man..

lucky u are on leave after u are back.. so can accompany you more before you go for your next long haul flight again..

so wish you just do turnaround flight then so many long haul flight… but never do long haul = not so much allowance..

nvm.. tonight will be the night already…

TOTO 10 million draw~ if strike group 2 i will marry u already~
if group 1 then i will marry other girl already~

its only friday now and i guess you and me are  the only one who will be looking forward to monday only..
so hope to see you tomorrow on webcam after you touch down kimchi land at evening time…

i just want time to pass faster right now.

“Hearing your voice is far better than you touching me. Because even though I yearn for your skin to touch mine, it is your voice that touches my soul.”


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