Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sometimes u hope the one who will be there for you will always not be there
yet the one you think that will not be there will be there..

Sudden getting ill and fall sick is so damm sian especially its on a friday..
totally no mood..
especially when you are feeling do ill so dull so low and yet people are having fun and good food
so envy…

enough said, take some medicine and go for a short sleep and rest before going for lesson later.

Next week on leave but i guess most of the time i will not be free and will just stay at home going nowhere~

Plans totally spoilt due to a bad day of being sicked! And tomorrow she will also not be there for my cousin wedding..

Sometimes i really admire those girls who are just so 小女人 to their bf.. hope their bf will really cherish and treasure them..
not many girls will go to that extend to sacrifice everything for the sake of their loves one..
when they can sacrifice everything.. then that’s true love.

But nowadays hoping to find a girl who will sacrifice everything for the sake of the guy they love is like going down the deep sea to find a needle

i like girls who are very 小女人! 🙂


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