Happy Birthday To My Girl

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Time pass so fast.. Still remember the first time i celebrate her birthday with her was her 20th birthday and today i am celebrating her 23rd birthday as her officially boyfriend
And this shows how long i love her already and im still loving her alot and very deep now.
The feeling is like i know that i can never fall in love with another girl except her, one and only her
Chew Wan Ying Joyce ❤

And of cause she like the birthday celebration i done for her, a simple yet fun night for the both of us..

I don know why when i see her picture i will get so miss her because she is simple so amazing to me and my life.

My dear wtb baby, hope u enjoy your day over at houston and im really looking foward to next wednesday morning to fetch u and give you your second well deserved gift from me.

For now i just hope i can have more time to talk to you over at houston since there are free wireless over there.

I have so much to tell you but i will show u everything and what i meant by action more then words.

Once again happy birthday to the lovely girl,
hope i will be the guy who will hold your hand,
walk down the road,
celebrate your every year of birthday
til the day i stop breathing.

I love u
and i really do.

Muacjs! (Moscow style of kissing!)


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