So Amazing

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

i just found out that me and my pretty girlfriend are together for 180 days on her birthday.
2 more days will be our 6th month together already but too bad she will not be in singapore also.

i wanna sing her birthday song through the phone even though she were not beside me.. now is only waiting patiently for her flight to touch down houston 😦
opened and see day 3 letter.. she say she swear that she never gonna leave me.. hopefully her swear can be trusted.

so hope that she is touching down soon but it seems that there are still 3hours 20mins more for the flight to touch down..
im gonna stay up and wait for her call and not going to sleep.. i just wanna hear her voice so badly so so badly and sing her another birthday song 😦

hais god..

i miss her tons!!!

my one and only love.


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