From Her To Me

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Uncategorized


“I’m miles away from you n I m all alone in my room right now with the time different of -6. Today marks our 6months anniversary n I apologize that I can’t be by ur side to celebrate this day with u.. Maybe it might be a sad day for u now but I just hope that when I’m back, things will get better each day.. You really came a long tough journey in getting me and finally 6 months before at the Helix Bridge, u got the heart of mine..

Good things doesn’t come easily.Indeed it was true.You are one in a million.I always sing praises bout u,telling ppl around me how hard this guy tried to get me,though u r fat but I still love u. I took up the courage n gave it a try in us. Not long, I really fall for u.For real this time. I never ever think about stepping out in this relationship becoz I knew that no guy will ever do so much as u did for me. Just for me. You know, the things u did it can easily written into a book .Wikipedia.

I’m really proud to hav u as my boyfriend,soul mate,best friend. You are always there for me n how can I ever let go your hand.

You stop the playfulness in me n my temper was being toned down. Never hav I tried to look for another guy becoz u r the right one. Never hav I take a second glance at other guys too.

Yes,I might do stupid things to make u unhappy but deep in my heart,I really want u to b my last boyfriend..

I know I’m not going to get another awesome one if I were to let u go. I felt as though u r my another half. You can called me crazy.

I just hope to keep this fire burning in us.

I love u BabyFat.


Happy 6monthversary.”

Words and words and more words.
At least these words motivates me


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