Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why its seems like nobody believe im in a very pathetic state now?
Its the truth that i have no money.. until dont even can afford a decent meal..

Why no 1 believe? Im totally broke and still in lots of debts and its far more then i can accept it.
How i wish i can forgo everything and just let go everything

Now even car need to sell or get towed before 15 april, no car really wont get used to it, wanna go where also inconvenience
but what done also cannot be undone, now even if we sell we still have to pay the car dealer and my 31k just go down the drain.

people always see me good see me rich always think i have no problems but when i really have problems i cant show out to people but now it seems like everyone sees my weak point already,
everything like unsolved already.

what i can do is only wait until the day i can whack everything off the load in my shoulder

and that’s the day

  1. Wtb says:

    cheer up my chubby hubby! Im always here for u.. at least u din lose me..

  2. Wtb says:

    u kns! i don like!

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