Canon 600D

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

After long waited and waiting and waiting.. finally my dearest chio bu girlfriend bought her
Canon 600D already!

See the happy girl happily using the vari angle of the camera to self shot 😦

Us trying the camera.. and i feel that i am getting fatter back already.. its really time to go on super diet and cut down my weight again!!!
I dont wan to be fat fat fat fat fat !!!!

And today i have POM exam and she was so good to accompany study at the mac near my school and even study together with me and test me.. with her besides me studying, how can i will ever not memorise all those difficult notes and diagram.. cut short, with her around me.. everything just seems so easy for me 🙂 🙂 🙂
Without her.. my life will be just as hard as a hard hard rock 😦

Today after surrender the car, both of us took train and walk and took train again.. its been so long since i am doing this and i guess the last time i took public transport was near 1 year 6 months ago… like so long already until i donno where i place my ez-link card. Actually can feels that she still will want a car but she didnt complain or grumble to me for now… just work hard lo…

good photography skills shown by me.. take until so nice.. beh ta han..

chio bu + good camera = very pretty picture!

Actually her photography skill also not bad.. can take the happy meal until so nice

the camera is just so good !

and koh chee wee came over to meet me before we go school for our exam 😦 😦

Hopefully all my pre-requisite can pass so i could go up to uni year 2 !!!!

And never to forget to wish my dear coco chuah

Happy 2nd birthday to the ugly cutey dog of mine!

hope my life will be better tomorrow…

No Car = No GF

Lucky I have a very good Wife now already so i don’t need a GF 🙂



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