Goodbye Honda Fit~

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Goodbye my honda fit 😦

Although u have gone.. but i will still like u this lousy car because at least got lousy car better then no car..
Handed over the car already and now have no car and 24k like that gone down to the drain.

But i vowed that when i surrender this car, its also equal for me to cut off all kinship with them, i find no point that why relative still have the cheek to cheat own blood relative money,
and best we are still the same surname.. and i feel so disgrace and disgusted with the same surname but what to do.. because of money there can be no kinship in reality wan so that’s a very good lesson for everyone out there to know what is money compared to kinship.

I forgo all the kinship, i forget whatever happiness we had when we were young, you don’t tell me don’t let the older generation people affect us, i am not jesus christ and i help you.
My term is very simple, u take my money u give me my car
dealer take back my car, i swear to take back my money from u at all cost.
As simple as that.

Other people can say 24k only let you slowly pay, but 24k to me is alot so don’t tell me grandmother stories.I knew that i can never be a nice person to anyone ever again

And lastly, goodbye my honda fit…

Now is BMW (Bus Mrt Walk) already..




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