Hard Truth

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Really sometimes the truth gets so hard that its always difficult for people to believe in the truth.

After finally tonight, i get to know who is good and who is bad,
who will really be there for me rather then talk say talk say talk say and talk only.

I need someone to show to show actions, not to sit at the bed and send msg to cheer me up
i dont need a cheerleader team to cheer my mood up
i need real care and concern when i need someone there.

For now at least the 1st term school fees had settled. But still i feel that i owe my aunt a very big debt, no just the 5k but the help she gave me when she was not my biological mother or what.
An aunt who can don’t care about her own living expenses to fork out her long term savings just to help a nephew, what’s more greater an aunt she can be.
I could say its lots more then my parents who stood there and do nothing but say talk say talk and talk say talk say.
From here i just wanna tell everybody that how much i owe this debts to my aunt and i just the repayment of 5k will not be enough to pay her for her kindness towards me.

Hopefully tomorrow can settle everything and let me rest for the next 3 days alone. And i suddenly missed watching movie with her,
how i wish she can earn 5k per month without the need to fly around.

A phone casing for $128 is really very incredible yet ridiculous seriously.

Life of the rich and poor.


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