Strangers, again

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

A short sweet movie that summaries a failed relationship in 16minutes. I think everyone should read it, and from there understand how a relationship will failed of and what will cause everything to be a strangers again.

The 7 stages in a relationship goes this way..

Stage 1: Meeting
Stage 2: The Chase
Stage 3: Honeymoon
Stage 4: Comfortable
Stage 5: Tolerance
Stage 6: Downhill
Stage 7: Breaking Up

After watching the video.. it clearly shows that its the communication that is getting lesser makes the relationship turns into a downhill. After the downhill part will always be the worst stage we can imagine which is the break up stage, and during the stage then we will come and regret why we didnt work hard towards a better relationship that ended in a break up situation.

I feel that we should maintain a honeymoon stage as long as we can, understand each other more, compromise with each other decision, sparkling each other life as times goes by.. giving each other surprise sometimes and i guess life between the couple will be good and smooth sailing. Giving each other more time with each other and giving each other support when needed, feels like relying between each other will be good!

think of and think for the other one also will do good because at least they are always in our mind, whatever things we gonna do we have to think of them and always ask ourself this, if this were to happen to me.. will i be happy to face it anot.

Haiz.. talk so much here makes me miss and think of my wtb so much.. she keep saying she wants to marry me.. makes me wanna work hard and extra harder and harder to faster able to have the money to marry her to me..

so love and miss her!

ok im getting fatter 😦


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