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Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok i guess its something to pen down before the voting day on saturday 07052011. It’s the first time i will be voting and i knew that every vote will be important to the people in Singapore as the result will determine the growth in Singapore for the next 5 years. There were lots of issues that we the citizen and voters needs the member in the parliament to rectify the problems for us. I’m so excited and yet worry about my future after the GE, since I’m so free I decided to pen down some serious stuffs so readers knows what we are going through now.

1)  Payroll & FTs – How will the government control the amount of foreign talents to emerge into out small country and fight jobs with our fellow Singaporeans, how can we fellow Singaporeans sustain a low wages with the high demand cost of living, we ourselves have to ask our self this question that how are we going to survive for the next 5 years if cost of living keeps going up and up but our payroll remains the same. It’s not our fault that we are stupid that we can’t find a good paid job but its the competent in this society that lower our wages, FTs are contented to get 1.6k a month in a company but do we feel CONTENTED to get 1.6k per month working in a company or its the 1.6k enough for us to spend every month, and remember that 1.6k to spend left us nothing to save for out future.
I don’t care about how many millions our ministers are earning per year because they worked hard and they had the qualification to get the amount of pay they should be getting, i only care about HOW are we the majority of Singaporeans can get a good sustainable payroll for us to live comfortably in Singapore and how our MP will handle the overwhelming flooding in of FTs that its affecting us greatly now.

2) HDB Flats – This problem only affects the younger Generation Y which consists myself and the age group of me. HDB flats prices are rising and rising and its just so hard to get a new flat in Singapore now, Yes i know we need to pay the construction workers, suppliers, and etc etc etc. Now a new 4-room flat cost approximately $280,000-$330,000, as the price gets higher and higher we will have to pay more and more to the HDB every month and as the loans gets higher we need a longer repayment period which will be like 20-30years to pay off a new flat. Just like what the opposition party said, how can we confirm that we can have a ‘strong rice bowl’ to guarantee that we will have a good paying job for the next 20 years to pay off the debts?
Let’s take the average of 25 years to pay off a $300,000 flat, after my calculation it will be paying like $1000 every month just for the loan of the flat. What if the prices of HDB flats still keeps on going up? What if we lost our jobs to FTs like what i said in point number 1? And how assure our government are able to assure us having a secured good payroll to pay off the loans to HDB? Our solution is not when we had not enough money to pay for our flat and we had to go down to our RC and meet our MP in our area and tell them that we can’t pay the loan every month and they help us to write in to HDB to defer payment. We need a solution now before we start paying the loan rather then when we had problems paying then they start to rectify our problem.

3) Transport – A very important issue too. How many of you feels the cramp when taking public transport now? As for myself i do have a car but there were times i have to take public transport too. Take a MRT ride from Bedok to Orchard cost $1.80 for a standard ticket, $1.80 package includes massive jam among people, long waiting queue in the train station and sometimes we need to wait for 2-3 MRT to be able to board in. As the price of train tickets goes up, should the relevant authority also use the money wisely to improve the services and work something on it so there will not be flooded of people standing in the train station every time during the peak hour timing. How our transport in Singapore will improve for the next five years? Will the government improve the facilities and increase more numbers of train trips or will the price of taking public transportation not beneficial to the organization and spend it more to improve the services?
And next will be the legendary ERP (Every Road Pays), so how did the ERP helps to aid the traffic flow? If we needs to go down orchard road by car we have only 1 choice, pay the ERP and goes in or don’t think of driving into orchard road. I know after ERP they gives us PIE CTE ECP TPE SLE BKE AYE KPE but no matter how the ERP rise up the price, it will still not be able to control the traffic flow seriously and i know people will say if u got the money to drive then don’t complain and whine about the ERP, I’m not arguing that having ERP is not good but rising of the price will definitely don’t give those drivers a happy mood of driving everyday. We need people in the parliament to voice all these unhappy issues we Singaporeans are facing.

4) GST – Goods & Service Tax in short or Government Squeeze Taxpayer like what I says; After last GE 2006, our GST raise from 5% to 7%, although the PM and Finance Minster Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam confirmed and promised that the GST will not rise anymore for the next 5 years because our economy is doing very well now but instead of not rising the GST for the next 5 years i think the government should think of a plan to reduce the GST, at least for the necessities items that we need everyday, maybe absorbing some redundant GST from the necessities items will help the poorer people out there and i think 7% for every thing u bought or even eat will generate lots of revenue to the Singapore economy already.
Ok there’s a Growth and Share dividend money that every Singaporeans above 21 can get, Yes i got a large sum amount of $900 and i used the $900 as the 7% of the GST i paid i calculated that i will need to spend $12857 and there the 7% will be what the GS had given back to me. $12857 includes the packet of 10kg rice which i need to buy back home for my mother to cook a proper dinner meal for me and from here we sees that whatever we buy we can’t escape the 7% so i guess how will i not spend at least $12857 a year on everything where i will get back the 7% of $12857 which is $899.99 (round up to $900). This shows that we were given a drumstick but our whole chicken were being taken away not knowing that our chicken had been taken away.

5) High Cost Of Living – Yes this will be the last point i will be talking about; As our standard of living in Singapore is getting higher and higher, can we the poor cope with the rise of cost of living? Like what most people says, The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, so how will we for at least the next 5 years won’t be affected by this problem. We shouldn’t survive in a society where our payroll is not increasing but a plate of char kway tiao, a bowl of mee siam, a bowl of bar chor mee, a bowl of teochew porridge is increasing and increasing. How will the next 5 years of our economy grow? Will the next 5 years cost a impact on we fellow Singaporeans? Or will there have people to help us balance the cost of living in Singapore so we will not be living in a stressful country everyday that we will be only thinking what can we have the next day?

I think this is really the first time i typed so much words out from my mind and everything is from my personal humble opinion of how the society and how the government could do after the GE 2011.

There are 87 seats in the parliament, 1 walk over and there are left with 83 seats in there. I’m not asking you to choose the PAP or the WP or NSP or SDP or whatever party, I just think that we need someone who could speaks up in the parliament for us and resolve our issues and problems we are facing everyday. I don’t want empty promises by the parties and after GE they don’t do what they said or promises during the rallies. There were no good or bad parties, only useful or useless parties. We have to vote wisely and cast our vote to believe in what our fellow MPs could do for us for the next 5 years because i personally do not want to suffer another 5 more years.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read my thoughts and bullshit 🙂

1562 words typed out.. i really can salute myself. 1562 this weekends!

Enjoy people your long weekends and please remember,

Please Vote Wisely.


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