4 & 8

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy 4th year barkday to my late princess chew
Happy 8th months together to my present 老婆大人

World’s most beautiful girl + World’s most beautiful dog = Captured my heart forever to them ! 🙂

Time pass so fast, I had this dream girl of mine for 8 months already, basically I’m attracted to everything about her and i could never ever take my eyes off her 😀

Too bad i need to attend night class today and we cant spend so much time together today but nevertheless the remain time that we have today will be precious 🙂 🙂

Sorry baby, no money to get u a decent flower, reused the sunflower picture again lol.. Hope you dont mind yeah?

And now it’s 4:15am and im still so awake~ I guess my body clock is on munich mode rather then singapore mode already 😦
Nothing to do and start reading book to brush up my england and i found a quote so nice written..
“When a man feel more appreciated, he will summon up his energy and motivation to do more in the relationship”
So true…

I love 周婉莹 ❤ !


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