Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow and Friday will be having night class and then another week end 🙂
How i wish every week will pass like this pace.. fast and furious to my ord date which is just 118 days more.

Recently I’m into reading storybooks to try and improve my english and writing skills so when doing of assignment i won’t makes too much of the mistakes. Currently reading these 2 books title “Think! Before it’s too late” and “Together Forever”. Seems like a pretty good books to read when i am free everyday and strengthen my england, and of cause the must to read newspaper everyday which i never fails to do.

My poor girlfriend has been going out so often this week until my mother also asked me how come suddenly her program like a lot whereas i’m like staying at home so frequently which is so not my usual self. This shows how popular my girlfriend is to go out basically every single day! Enough of saying her already if not she will take the cane and beat beat me.

Ok just a little update tonight 🙂

“Loves can sometimes be magic, but magic can sometimes just an illusion” .


  1. absolutjoyce says:

    Please update ur rusty blork. =(

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