Hello BabyJ

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you for being there to support me whatever and whenever you can for me. You know you are just the most important girl in my life because i think there will be no another person in the world will treat me so nice like how the way you treat me, and most important that you don’t give up on me during a such down period on me. 9 months with you is approaching soon already and like what i always says, i still don’t believe you are mine 😦

Seriously i also don’t know what’s is with her that attracts me so much.. so much until i can just do everything for her sake, just plan everything just for her although sometimes i do get very tired physically and emotionally but end of the day when she is in singapore i’m sure knew that she could be the pillar for me to lie on. Thank you my girlfriend.

Sleep until so sweet with my 2 cutie babies ! So baby!!! When is our next date??? >:O
See your memory card don’t have our pictures wan leh u kkj >:O

Ok its time to go and fetch her from airport already 🙂
Feel so happy that i am still able to send and fetch her to and fro for her flight for 4 months without fail already 🙂


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