Happy Nine!

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s the 9 already!

I know that my small little sunflower can never be compare for the things that u have done for me for the past few months, and not hoping for anything else then a sunflower. You knew that this was the furthest i could go because of my budget constraint but u didnt had any complains at all. You bought me the new man united champion jersey, a new perfume, pay for the car repair expenses so much and always helping me to solve my financial difficulties. I know that there is not a single responsibility that you had to bear with me but you don’t grumble it out although you hope for a better life.

I can see from you, a whole dedicated heart, a passion towards the love between us and the hard work of you and the contribution from you to make it last long with me, I’m sorry that for now i couldn’t give you the best, never give you what i had given you last time but I’m sure all these low ends won’t last long and good will between us will surface soon. Just endure me and hold me by your side for the next 3 months. I’m sure not to disappoint you in anyways.

And before i end here, i know that i can say out nothing but only these 3 special words from the deepest bottom of my heart to you, my one and only you.

‘I Love You’

You will always be my love, my valentine.



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