90 Days to 1 Year

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes this is the place i wanna bring my 老婆大人 go on that day. Sneak Preview first!

Oh Friday morning she finally will be back.. but she sure will sleep until dont know until what time.
Dinner at my house, movie and some chill-out on a short friday night.

Saturday sleep until noon then lunch at usual korean food at food court, shopping for picnic foodies and kite flying + picnic at same old place but will be during late afternoon timing. then kite flying and foodies until evening then soccer at night at usual place. After soccer go home bath then go usual place to have late night dinner and maybe movie again. It seems that in singapore everywhere we go will be the same usual place because there’s really not much places to go in singapore.

So i guess weekend will end with sunday at home sleeping for her and working for me. Then she will be departing me for another 4 days again, that’s her job and that’s our lifestyle now. Hope for a good weekend with her since she seldom will have 2 clear days on a weekend.

And tomorrow will be thursday already! Cant wait!


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