Busy / Delighted

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

School term week pass like so fast.. like first week just ended only and now everything is like so jam..
– Marketing Management Mid Term Test this Sunday 9am
– Consumer Behavior Mid Term Test 160711 Saturday 11am
– Marketing Management final project due on 130711
– Consumer Behavior 2 case studies due next week and 3 weeks later
– Consumer Behavior Final Exam @ 060811 1400hrs~
– Marketing Management Final Exam @ 080811 1900hrs~

Study is stress but study is good for future, that’s what i kept telling myself so i won’t give up easily.

On the side note, my baby is coming back from zurich soon! I think no one can feel how much i miss that girl until i whatsapp and text 小倴菱 say i love her darling very much in the middle of the night 3 plus am hehe!
Hopefully our plan can go as we planned and of cause i can passed my 2 module well πŸ™‚

My angel πŸ™‚

And i so hope she can bring me to this place !!!!

So damm nice and awesome rite? And its not in Singapore!

Ok enough of day dream already, shall go to sleep and start a long day tomorrow and night class

And today is my father 60th birthday, but I’m too poor to bring him for a good meal. Haiz feel so sad because as the only son i cant even give him a good 60th birthday dinner treat… 😦
Just hope he will stay well healthy and happy.

Happy 60th birthday to my father πŸ™‚

  1. absolutjoyce says:

    im coming home , im coming home..
    ChubbyHubby, I shall go find the place n bring u go okiex..
    BrowBROW n bubbly are coming home !!!
    See ya..

  2. kaylenetan says:

    can i have passwprd for ur happiness ??/!! LOL

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