What is meant to be, will be

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Use your heart to treat someone truly you really cares, if they really don’t appreciate it, leaves them.
Everything we do, every step we take, we have to always ask this question, what if the same thing we done to people and people do it back to us? Will we feel good? Usually we human are just selfish, we wants to have the best thing without taking note of hurting another person feeling or hurting your loves one. But when they do those thing similar that what you do to them, you will feel sad, jealous, heartbroken, emotionally unable to take it. So why doing it the wrong thing at the first place?

We always says there must have trust and faith between each other in a relationship, yes we do must believe in each other but its the companion and cliques that cannot be trusted and couldn’t have any faith on them. It’s not the individual fault but it’s how the individual mix with the party of people which is a fault. Like what i always thinks, there are no good guys in this world and i just don’t believe there are still ‘white knight’ or so called the ‘白马王子’ you can knew in your life. I believe guys only think with their small head, not with their big head that consist the brain.

If life and facts were so simple, the world wouldn’t be so complicated.
If guys were that good, the world wouldn’t have so many rapists
If girls were that good, the world wouldn’t have so many GCPs
If only people don’t see the surface so much, they won’t live to be so shallow in life.
If only people were more honest towards each other…. without lies in life.

Maybe i seen too much in life, too much of negativity in life until i tends to portrait a scene to be the worst negative scenario before i take out my courage to view it as a more positive approach. We just won’t feel contented and i guess more worst thing will to come as times goes by, and i believe someday one day, things that will happens.. will eventually happens.. like what the story told us.


To trust is not easy, because it takes lots of courage for someone to start trusting another one.

The end.


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