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Good Guys always lose out, then kena throw away or put in “friendship zone” as spare tyre…

When ever the girl kena cheated, all these are they will look back into the friendship zone and pull one out to go out or when need of someone to whine and cry. As times pass, the good guy will feel that he got chance maybe patch back or chances she might choose him, giving him much false hope and so,
she spotted a new guy, going all gaga over the new to be bf, she throw the good guy a side, not answering the calls, keep rejecting and giving excuse not to go out with him.

Den when shit happen to her again and she finally know that the good guy is really the best, she tries to call him up but too bad, nice guy got a gf already, in the end start to whine and cry, say all guys in this world are jerks and there are no good guys when they already mistreat the ‘good’ guy in the first place to search for all these suffering…..

So sometimes we human always make 1 major mistake in our life which is

We hurt the person who love us and love the person who hurt us