Dragon for 2012

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dragon – 辰
Born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000

Best Compatible Animal Signs – Rooster
Compatible Animal Signs – Dragon, Rat and Monkey
Conflict Animal Sign – Dog

The basic character of a person born in the year of the Dragon is that he/she is powerful, intelligent, knowledgeable, sharp, meticulous, a leader, independent, ambitious, adventurous, and a practical person. A very powerful Character that has great potential of fortune and success, often outshining others easily.

As the Dragon will conflict with “Tai Sui” (太岁) in 2011, there is a need to pray to “Tai Sui” (太岁) for health and good fortune, and also to be safe by avoiding misfortunes. There are more “Disastrous Stars” (凶星) than “Lucky Stars” (吉星) surrounding you this year. Career and business wise will be quite rough this year, it is best to avoid interfering into others’ affairs or problems. Your Personal and Career luck will fluctuate a lot this year and affecting the way you think and react to situations around you. Stay focused on your own career or business development and everything will be fine. Take note of the details when signing any contracts or official documents. Also try your best not to be involved in any mediation for others’ problems; staying out of it will be good for you

Thus, do stay in low profile or you will invite lots of “Xiao Ren” (小人) who will plot against you. For this year, it is advisable that you take a step back and look thoroughly before you make your move. Calm yourself down and exercise your Intelligence and Power to come up with Win Win Solutions to turn the situation from unfavourable to favourable. If possible, try to avoid big investments or businesses because you will not have big gains in terms of profits for this year. Also avoid becoming a guarantor and be careful when dealing with financial issues, especially signing of documents.

Love Life for this year is not too smooth, you also have to settle certain family related issues and the best way to resolve it will be sitting down with them and talk things out calmly.

Health is not good, be careful as you will be more prone to be injured in minor accidents, thus keep an extra lookout when you are operating machineries, driving or crossing the road. Do not speed or drive rashly. Take extra caution when handling sharp objects

Poor Health and accident prone. Do not eat excessively and choose more healthy food
Control your temper to avoid hurting your beloved ones. Take care of Health
Accident prone and be careful when handling sharp objects. Stay low profile
Accident prone. Career not smooth. Think before speech to avoid hurting others
Emotional fluctuation and more quarrels. Career changes/unstable. Stay calm and focused


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