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Every words he says, makes sense.

Its February!!!

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February is a sexciting month!

9/2, 15/2, 22/2

9/2 is the most anticipating date already.. god please give me a good choice ok!

A hint to me received and i shall accomplish the hint 🙂


just gonna have fun without any disturbances!


Appointment set for us.

And than 10/3 is the next date i am looking forward to it already…

A picture of me and 大įžŽåĨŗ before we go for our dinner at canopy..
seems that she is quite my lucky star 🙂 🙂 🙂

no picture of foods because too dark~ But food there is quite nice and a good place for chilled out after dinner for a chat with her..

And it seems that no matter what happens, she is the one that i always fall for only.

I miss you.