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The last message..

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It’s all written in the letter and it’s ready to send out.

Finally i know the truth today,

hard truth might hurts, but it’s better than the untold lie which might hurts deeper.


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Decide to blog at the other blog today.

Assurance and security, is it a very hard thing to find now?
I guess this is the 2 very important things i look for in a woman, i guess looks won’t affect much before if you love someone, he/she will be the prettiest/most handsome guy/girl in the world.

Assurance: A positive declaration intended to give confidence, promise or pledge.
Security: Freedom from danger, risk, anxiety and something to make safe.

Yes this two.

How i wish…….

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I could be the punch bag for you to punch and rant when you are unhappy.

I can’t do much but just hope you to cheer up and not seeing you look so sad.

总是想再见你 还试着打探你 消息

I’ll be there

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If you ever found someone new, I know he’d better be good to you, cause if he doesn’t, I’ll be there.
I’ll be there to comfort you
I’ll be there to protect you
I’ll always be your strength
I’ll always be there for you

Don’t you know baby, I’ll be there. Just call my name, and I’ll be there

Just look over your shoulder
Just call my name
I’ll be there.

Which guy doesn’t wants to be always there for the someone they love?
Only guys who don’t know how to appreciate someone who seems like a gem to them

Who could let me be there???

Love is Investment

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Finding a partner is doing investment, you invest everything on someone who you think could walk down the memory lane with you, planning the future, going for yearly trip, getting a house, starts to save money together, building up a bonding between each other.

Just like investment, you look at a good investment and invest everything on it, wait for the profits returns in 2-3years times because you usually cant see profits so soon. But when you decides that you are greedy and wants to do more investment, sometimes you may lose out more than what you can expect from it. Be it losing the original investment that you are doing because you withdraw from it and lose some more from the new investment.

So i said, love is like investment, you find someone who really treats you good and pamper you, you think the person is the correct one for you, invest on him/her, maybe the returns might be slow, but 1 good investment after a 2 years of investing, who knows the fruit you earn back could be 10 times 100 times far more better than what you imagine or what is expecting from you?

I already lost 5 years of my investment but i still know that deep down in my heart, you are someone who dearly worth the invest i make on you, even though in the end i might ended up losing everything, but i lose with a smile in my face because you are still the one who’s definitely worth everything i invested for.

When i first saw you, i saw love
And the first time you touched me, i felt love
And after all this time,
you are still the one i love.

A song that brings back beautiful memories.

Never let you go

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If only i had a chance to tell you how i feel and how i was feeling…

The hardest thing in life is to let go someone who you love so much, to see them treating and loving someone else so nice,  just like the way they treat you before.

Hopefully in 3 months times there will be some significant changes in my life.

I just wish to love and be love to you and by you.


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This blog has been a very good blog for me to pen down all my thoughts, from the day i fall in love with you til the day we bid goodbye to each other.

This will be the last post and shall keep it as a good memories and storybook when im emo i will come in here to read post by post and bits by bits. Yesterday i told myself, if i have to cry i would only cried last night and thats it. No matter how hard the future still have to go i must really move on without you anymore in my life

Though it would be very difficult for me to move on, i will try my very best to put this behind me and start my life again without you. I was praying 1 day you would come back but you prove to me that its impossible anymore so i really wish that you can get on with your life and never to enters back into my life and heart again.

‘we become weak to whom we let into our heart’

for this i promise you will be the last and final girl who i will let into my heart to break it up, thats a lesson to me

a pain hard truth.

Goodbye readers and my puipuipuipui blog. I will miss this blog which contains so much happiness and sadness throughout these years.

Hopefully someday somewhere somewhat there will be someone praying over the rainbow for you.

The Finale.