Love is…..

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Love is… to enjoy each other companion anywhere anytime even if they were few thousands miles apart

Love is… sharing everything under the sun and moon, frank with each other and never hide anything from anyone

Love is… creating an adventurous future together, planning a future ahead or planning a holiday every time

Love is… to be happily together and shutting the door of the heart from any suitors and restraining from any temptations

Love is… to love someone like you gonna lose him/her tomorrow

Love is… pamper the other partner like you won’t do it on another person

Love is… to place the person above all

Love is… to accept any flaws and look into the flaws as a plus point

Love is… to be able to forgive and forget each other mistake and never to make each other heartbreak

Love is… to be able to accept the person once again when you feel that that person is really someone who you cannot live without with.

I appreciate everything you done for me and feel loved that you recognize all the works i have done before and really give me an encouragement, i hope someday somewhere in 1 of the place we will meet again and realize that we were really a meant to be as god creates us as it is.

You will be the girl i always love and i loved the most, sadly to say that my heart has already closed door to anyone for me to love, yes i will try to start loving a girl again but i guess the feeling will never be the same and i guess you will be the only girl who i will do so much for in this lifetime and never ever to forget how lovely your face are and i hope you to be able to find a better guy in the next phase of your life.

Thank you so much for the wonderful times we once shared and the dreams we once create, though the dream couldn’t accomplish by us anymore but i still hope i will be the guy you will consider again in your life 🙂

You are the best girl i ever had, I swear


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