Posted: May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

This blog has been a very good blog for me to pen down all my thoughts, from the day i fall in love with you til the day we bid goodbye to each other.

This will be the last post and shall keep it as a good memories and storybook when im emo i will come in here to read post by post and bits by bits. Yesterday i told myself, if i have to cry i would only cried last night and thats it. No matter how hard the future still have to go i must really move on without you anymore in my life

Though it would be very difficult for me to move on, i will try my very best to put this behind me and start my life again without you. I was praying 1 day you would come back but you prove to me that its impossible anymore so i really wish that you can get on with your life and never to enters back into my life and heart again.

‘we become weak to whom we let into our heart’

for this i promise you will be the last and final girl who i will let into my heart to break it up, thats a lesson to me

a pain hard truth.

Goodbye readers and my puipuipuipui blog. I will miss this blog which contains so much happiness and sadness throughout these years.

Hopefully someday somewhere somewhat there will be someone praying over the rainbow for you.

The Finale.


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