Didnt Knew

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Didn’t knew i had done so much before, i guess all the toughest things that one could have its the least minimum stuffs i could do.

I hope to do more and do for the rest of my life but i know that’s not possible anymore. Today will be the last day i am seeing your life updates, tomorrow onwards we might be strangers already and i feel very blessed for the past 1 years plus and not forgetting the 5 years where i am always there waiting for you. Guess there won’t be anymore 5 years anymore.

Someone in your life presently will be there to pamper you and spoil you like a gem once again i’m sure. Someone there gonna take my place soon and be the one you will really love and enjoy.

Putting aside all these unhappy things, at least i know something in life, we really can’t hold on to something which we can’t have. Love can’t be force, scars left there will always be the scar there. And loves only ended up with 2 ending, its either to hurt, or got hurt.

Now i don’t wish to fill my life with as many girls as much to hang out  because i knew deep down in somewhere there, you still stays in the heart. Maybe being a bachelor might really be a blissful thing because since i can’t find a girl who will makes me love so much as you, or to say love her half as much as i love you. I do not want to be playful and just ended up being played. I rather stick single and alone if i ain’t have you. Like i always said, no amount of girls or no other girls could replace you so easily in my life.

Giving up is the hardest decision to make in my life, but seeing you living happily and really enjoy being the real you and do the things you really wanna do in your heart, makes me feels that at least i don’t make the wrong decision this time round and everything seems worthwhile.


多的是 你不知道的事

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