All over again

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

People always say, it’s not easy to start all over again, it’s not advise to start again but sometimes a short separation might do good, it let us go out to see the world and find out that actually there are something that is tying us down, regardless of what we found or we got in life, there is this something that is telling us that it’s the best you could ever have.

For instant human, we always thinks that we have that something that we wouldn’t lost it, but when we lost it eventually than we find out how precious the thing were to us. We learned from the mistake that we should be contented of what we have and not to search for something better and may end up losing everything, no one loves to have this ending in their life.

It’s been a month, a month since i walked away, people say that i’m stupid, to do such stupid thing and make my own self so terrible, but as this month goes by i realize quite a lot of things, we let go to see the other half to be able to have a better life. No point tying down if you can’t give her what shes wants, eventually which girl will say no to a guy who treats them well, pamper them hard, earning big bucks for them, giving them a good life. I knew that if i can’t do all these, i have to admit to myself that i really lost it. I once promise her that if 1 day i couldn’t give her a life she yearns for, i would not hesitate to walk away from her because i know that i’m just not good enough for her.

Yes indeed i’m not good, i do stupid things, i make silly mistakes, i make people around me dislike me, up til a point that i doesn’t even know what can i do, people might be saying no matter how much u apologies or how much you do, the scars will still be there. Yes it’s true, after a hurt it will be difficult to accept the person once again no matter how much they do. The courage to accept the person once again would be far more than hard as it seems.

This whole month i could see from my both eyes everything, be it a sad post, disappointing behavior, unexpected results, demoralize news. It builds me up to face the truth more than i wanna hide from it, though i know hiding it’s no use, better face up and face the society and do something and not covering myself in one corner and stop doing everything.

Glad that people who sees me now, even friends in school says i look slimmer already face has the v-shape effect already! I appreciate those who tells me i did slim down already and it really motivates me to exercise and really set a determine way to go for myself. If i could really slim down i will be very grateful for people who motivates me and telling me i slim down already~ And i think exercise could be addicted because i really enjoyed jogging already, though i jog like a slow turtle and swim like a dead fish but still i will make sure i complete 5km for every run and 10 laps in the pool every time i swim, basically i will jog for 4 days and swim for 2 days or jog for 5 days and swim for 1 day, the feeling is really good to run and think much more positive thing in life that i would be able to see it, that’s make me run more. After tone down abit more of fats than i shall proceed with my cardio training and building up of muscle to be a fit guy!

my 2nd job was still good, now its time to move on to get a 3rd job since i don’t want to waste so much time idling doing nothing, i want to stretch my limits to be able to handle life with 3 jobs + studying. I have to plan schedule and work hard towards my goal, to be successful in 3 years time. We only lived once, don’t live in vain. Work hard, work smart and i know the light of success will be near and nearer to me. Who knows i could really be a very successful bachelor?

Out of the sudden i wrote a quote out and i google it and there were no one wrote this quote up so i’m the owner of this quote below!

“To learn to love, than to learn to lost, and than to learn again how to love it’s really hard, but love will leads the way to the heart.” – Chuah Zhi Hao PuiPui

If you are willing to change, i will always be there willing to try


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