Bon Voyage PBF

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Athens, Santorini, Mykonos 8 nights holiday is not an easily achieve holiday for most of us but that lucky girl is bringing her mother for a 9 days 8 nights free and easy trip there lo super envy.

me and her darling tan send her and her mummy to airport because she booked my limousine service, farewell to her and envy her for the next 9 days~

me and bubble tan

seems that people comment that i slim down already, feels good to hear such compliment! Don’t worry i will slim down more one wahahaha

Darling T and Darling P ~

no 1 can replace Darling T from Darling P heart, no matter who and how much the person did for her .

like a sir before going to the departure gate

9 days 8 nights than another 3 days 2 nights for her haha.. basically 1 month she will only be in singapore for like 5 days? Envy her!

come back treat you eat nice nice steamboat again!

side track abit, just checked the exam timetable and WTF

4/8 OTB
5/8 Workplace LAW

Saturday and Sunday exam one.. why murdoch and sma so cool one?


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