One More Night

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Firstly, Happy birthday to the legend small head ling aka 小头菱, 24 years old liao must guai guai

This picture shows that both of us destined to die in Chew’s hands.. So agreed rite?

This is the place i go everyday after work, even saturday and sunday i also go to swim now 🙂 I think bedok swimming pool is the least crowded pool already see the amount of people in the pool before i went to swim.. 0 ! I’m the only one swimming in the pool and bedok pool have allocate lane 4 and 5 for swimmer like me who swim continuously so swimmer can only swim thru and fro within this lane. That’s why saturday and sun sunday swim in these 2 lanes are not crowded as compare to other lanes!

Once in a very blue blue moon.. to satisfy the craving..

TP Design School legendary chicken cutlet with salsa cheese + mushroom sauce and additional nacho cheeseeeee! Really very long time den can eat this.. but it’s really very delicious and chicken meat is not that huge portion so eat already also wont feel so fattening haha! Plus i add coleslaw because its very yum yum and eat everything into my tum tum !

When can i slim down more ? It’s been quite smooth for my intensive training for the past 1 month plus, manage to cut down around 14kg of fats in my body.. i hope to be able lose more fats and at least not in such an obese state. Suddenly got the craving of a bottle of ice cold sprite.. it’s been so long since i drink that.. i miss it! Everyday only drink plain water plain water milk milk plain water and sometimes freshly squeeze orange juice only 😦


Ok it’s time for bed time, a long hard day tomorrow again.. working so hard to think when can i have a breakthrough from my current financial state.

Oh i miss this super photogenic cute lion bao ni.. with her new kitty clothes she looks damm cute ! Can’t wait to see her on friday.. The kitty dress suits so nicely on her ! Love her max!

Current addict: Maroon 5 – One more night

But baby there you again, there you again making me love you
Yeah I stopped using my head, using my head let it all go
Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a tattoo
And now i’m feeling stupid, feeling stupid crawling back to you
So I cross my heart, and I hope to die, that i’ll only stay with you one more night
And I know i’ve said it a million times
But i’ll only stay with you one more night

i wanna stay with you for just one more night 🙂


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