Positive / Negative

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Reading books gives us knowledge, strengthens our power of knowledge, learning new things through reading and improve ourselves as we read those books.

Books gives me the power to feel positive after reading it, but its not always the case to be conclude how powerful your life will be just after reading a book, a good example its the “Rich Dad , Poor Dad” i read before, yes Robert Kiyosaki did teach a lot of lessons on how to be a rich guy like his rich dad, the book says his poor dad mention he cant afford it and the rich dad will only say how can i afford it and yes the rich dad lived life with great wealth, financial freedom and leads a happy life and the poor dad died of penniless and lived life full of regrets. It’s always the top selling book all over the world no matter how many years this book have been in the market. Millions of millions people bought the book and yes i do too, but out of all these so many millions, how many really does achieve a breakthrough out of it and get success like how Robert Kiyosaki is doing now. We read its because we want to learn how to have ways to earn money and how to be positive in life but can everyone really be so positive after reading the book? Especially so much negative things that happened around him, even the people are showing negative signs to him and how to expect to him to stay positive?

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