Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sad that the 3 days trip ended so fast, and now i’m sick at my bed doing nothing but coughing with a dry throat.

Apart from these, there’s 2 good news now

1) Appointment fixed on 19/9 for signing of agreement

2) Second and final interview with this big MNC company on 20/9. (It’s my dream to be able to get into a MNC !!! )

After looking for jobs this 2 months, i found out that the market isn’t that bad after all. I went for 4 interview and 3 companies asked me to confirm with them and this the last 1 allows me to go for 2nd interview.
But i really not good in rejecting company offers and i really do hope i could get into this MNC !

Let’s hope well for the signing of agreement and the final interview and hopefully they will want to employ me!!!

It’s gotta be me


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