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About You Now

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized


My view from the office, average 30+ SQ flights to see everyday.

But i only wish to see the plane you are in landing down in the runway here.

sudden of misses for you

So tired…

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Working days are always so tired

but for the sake of a happier life for us, i shall endure and work hard through it.

I wanna show the world that I will be the only guy in this world who treats you the best, nothing but the best and no one can ever be as good as me in terms of pampering you.

I may not have the power to give you the best now, but in the future all the best will only be given to you

This is L O V E

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is LOVE

Was on the sick bed for the past 2 days due to an abnormal sudden stop and ongoing weird fever but nevertheless i receive this breakfast set on the bed from 周菲蒂 ❤

Breakfast consist of:

RAINBOW PANCAKES with lots of nice fresh berries !!!
German Sausgauge
Scramble Eggs
Movenpick blueberries yogurt
lots of hardwork waking up early in the morning to prepare it

ITS DAMM NICE ! I swear you cant get anywhere near to this nice pancakes… unless she cooks it for you :O


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Hello World !

The new job is so far so good and i am enjoying everyday at work although its just started a week and a day.

Basically i have to wake up at 615-630 everyday and only got to go home after 530pm~ But its fun working with the people and learning lots of new things and definitely a good career prospect its what i have search within now.

Now my primary target is to earn money and clear all debts and clear all as soon as possible and lead a new life again.. life has never been much fun if there are debts everywhere and knocking head where to find money to pay debts every month. I really hope i can be debt free before the start of 2013 ! God Bless !!!!

I like this type of TGIF night where i can relax in a corner having a glass or wine or beer and some fries under the moonlight with the river view in front of me !

That’s life ! 😉