Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello World !

The new job is so far so good and i am enjoying everyday at work although its just started a week and a day.

Basically i have to wake up at 615-630 everyday and only got to go home after 530pm~ But its fun working with the people and learning lots of new things and definitely a good career prospect its what i have search within now.

Now my primary target is to earn money and clear all debts and clear all as soon as possible and lead a new life again.. life has never been much fun if there are debts everywhere and knocking head where to find money to pay debts every month. I really hope i can be debt free before the start of 2013 ! God Bless !!!!

I like this type of TGIF night where i can relax in a corner having a glass or wine or beer and some fries under the moonlight with the river view in front of me !

That’s life ! 😉


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