Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today should be a happy and joyous day, but never do i expect it to be the worst day of my life. How worst could a day like today happened to me?
I really didn’t expect to hear this type of things so fast, as in i really have not prepared myself to see the best for her and the worst for me. Maybe it’s time to finally move on from where i have always stood there, standing there awaiting for her no matter what happens, but this time after i get to hear what i didn’t what to hear the most. I knew the answer was to let it go and to leave no matter what the future might be for it to be better or worst for her or perhaps for us.

3 years of waiting, 3 years of holding all come to an end today.

There’s nothing much else left to be said, there’s nothing much else has to be done. What can be done, i had already done it. What needs to be done, i also fulfilled it already.

After a 2 serious setback relationship, I don’t think i still have the courage to fall in love anymore.

I really hope the next girl i find in my life can just be a simple not complicated girl who knows the minimum in her heart that she loves me and she really loves me.
But after this time, do i still believe in true love and really can make myself to fall in love again?

I really hope she can find the guy she really fancy, Be with the guy she really loves and loves the guy as much as the guy loves her.

I have really done all what i can do for you, the rest of the things you want in a guy i hope the next guy can provide for you.

Off i go, to leave you, for the good for the both of us.

You will be the woman i love the most. Thanks for the lesson you gave me for the past 3 years and everything, every moment spent with you will always be the bitter sweet memories for me. 谢谢你。。



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