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Chances & Hope

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Suddenly it feels like hmm 10 years has passed and hmm its just 6 months has passed.

6 months of not having her beside me, nearly 4 months of not seeing her or getting any of her news, and i finally saw her again on the very special day – My Birthday.

Its pretty amazed that i could actually went down from orchard to fullerton hotel in like less then 3 mins after i hang up the call just to rush and see her on my birthday and suddenly i feels that there’s nothing more important for me to see her on my birthday as i guess that’s my birthday wish, so well i can said its a dream come true for me?
And for the next few days beautiful future just appear in my mind, my dream or even everything i sees i see future, only happy future.


i think its good for people who believe that love is worth one more try.
So couples out there who still love each other so much without any 3rd party intruding, please give it one more try because love is really an amazing thing that can creates wonders and miracle. But definitely it takes 2 hands to clap and both party got to work hard hand in hand to let the try become a success.

Always take note that a best gift from a girl to the guy its her trust she can give him and the best gift a guy could give a girl its the loyalty of his heart to her.

Guess this 26th birthday and Xmas is really not a good period for me, first time in 3 years that my birthday is so empty and i guess it will be an empty xmas too for me.

But that won’t stop me from giving people small little gift because its a festive season to give unconditionally 🙂


It’s quite awesome when people asked me everytime: Why you still using this lousy Blackberry? Especially when i turn on my 3G network and confirm guarantee the phone will dead and showed empty battery within 30mins of usage even the battery is fully charged. And now my phone is also charging beside me while i’m blogging because i turned on the 3G network.

And its hard to tell people that i dont want to change phone because there were this very beautiful girl who sent me a text on 12/5/2010 telling me to keep that message and thus since then i have being using this pathetic phone until now until i still dont feel like changing because the text message will be gone if i were to change to a new phone.


And that’s the reason why i still keep this phone and saved this message.

I still dont really feel like changing this phone away, this text message is super valuable to me.

1 more week to 2014, hope i have the time to come and bullshit my 2014 resolution.

We are not broken, just bent we can learn to love again.